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(Board Certified Dermatologist, Yolanda C. Holmes, MD, FAAD., specializing in the treatment of adult acne, rosacea, eczema, mole removal, razor bump removal, wrinkle reduction, non-surgical cellulite removal, complexion blending, CLICK HERE to learn more about our on-line patient consultations)


The treatment of unwanted lines on your face has been revolutionized by BOTOX® Cosmetic. Whether it's the frown lines between your eyebrows, horizontal creases on your forehead, or the crow's feet around your eyes, the popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic is works!

It is simple, fast and usually within one week, you can watch your frown lines soften and disappear.

Say Good Bye To Your Wrinkles - lose the worry lines, frown lines, not to mention the crow's feet! All of these come from years of living and expressing emotions. With BOTOX® Cosmetic, You can express yourself and still look years younger!!

The more emotions we show – the more facial muscles are called into play causing deeper lines, grooves and wrinkles. In today's "anti-aging" society we resist looking older and seek ways to regain "youthfulness." Botox® Cosmetic treatment can safely and effectively soften those lines and reduce even the deepest, toughest wrinkles. Don't let the stress of ever day life make you look tired and you have the secret...Botox® Cosmetic. This treatment offers dramatic results in as few as 2 -10 days!

BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments

BOTOX® Cosmetic is one of the most effective wrinkle treatments available today. Dr. Yolanda C. Holmes specializes in effectively helping many people reduce their facial wrinkles that are caused by excessive facial tension. Facial expressions are produced by a number of muscles that are located below the skin of the face. Many of the facial muscles don't have a vital role and are only involved in expression of tension, anger, or stress. By using BOTOX® Cosmetic, you can relax these muscles and look and feel years younger.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic please contact us today to schedule your consultation. Board certified Cosmetic / Medical Dermatologist Dr. Yolanda C. Holmes would like to share with you the most current information on skin care and health. She will make sure that you receive the best treatment available.

Learn more about our Liquid Face Lift by using BOTOX Cosmetic and a facial filler, you can 10 years younger in about 30 minutes.

Washington DC Dermatologist Dr. Yolanda C. Holmes specializes in Medical Dermatology as well as Cosmetic Treatments. Some of Washington DC Dermatology's featured services include: Complexion Blending, Vi Peel, Xeomin (the alternative to Botox), Facial Fillers, Adult Acne Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, and many more treatments. Complexion Blending is a combination of Laser Genesis and Microdermabrasion. If you suffer from ingrown hair or Razor Bump Treatment, we can help you. CALL US TODAY!!

Liquid Face Lift - Botox and
Juvederm Combined

Botox Cosmetic

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